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What is a “superactivity”?

A “SuperActivity” is a special once a year activity that is typically for a week or more and involves either a scout high adventure base or travel to a national park within the US or to a location outside the US such as the International Scout Base in Switzerland or the South American attraction, Machu Picchu.

What are annual dues for Crew 140?

Annual dues are $85 plus the annual BSA membership dues that are currently $ but are subject to change. Adults do not have to pay dues, the Crew pays for them. The Crew fiscal year runs from Jan – Dec. Any memberships starting after January will be pro-rated to the nearest quarter.

What Crew gear is provided?

The Crew provides everything necessary to camp except for personal gear: tents, stoves, cook gear, water coolers. Personal gear would include; sleeping bag, mess kit, backpack, etc.

What personal gear do I need?

See the Documents section for a list of recommended gear.

Where does Crew 140 meet?

Crew 140 meets at The Harvest Methodist Church.
Address: 9029 Sienna Ranch Rd Missouri City, TX 77459

Typical monthly meeting schedules, although subject to change, are typically:

  • Youth Leadership Meeting: “First” Monday of Month at 6:30pm
  • General Crew Meeting: “Second” Monday of month at 6:30pm
  • Adult Committee Meeting: “Fourth” Monday of the month at 6:30pm

For those Crew members not in a leadership position, they only meet on the Second Monday at the General Crew Meeting.

When was Crew 140 formed?

Crew 140 was formed in March of 2013.


Do I absolutely need “crew” pants?

Although recommended because they are good for hiking and have zip off bottoms, they are not required for Crew meetings or regaular activities. The actual “Class A” for traveling and meeting purposes is the green venturing shirt and either jeans or gray pants or shorts.

For special ceremonies and training such as NYLT, the actual Venturing pants are required.

Where does the “Founder” patch go?

The Founder patch goes just underneath the Unit numbers (140) and above any position specific patch.

What does a Venture Crew uniform look like?

Venture Uniform


Can girls join?

YES! This is a Boy Scouts of America group but is designed especially for high school age co-ed youth.

Who is point of contact for membership questions?

Please contact the Committee Chairman, Russ Jamerson, at:



or, the Crew Advisor, Chad Lemons, at:



Who are the Eagle Scouts in the Crew?
  1. David Sander
  2. Chaz Talab
  3. Josh Jamerson
  4. Chandler Lemons

Are their special joining requirements for Boy Scouts?

If is preferred that any incoming Boy Scouts be either Life rank or close to it. The reason for this is that the Crew is not focused on merit badges. For example, the Crew will not go to a typical summer camp focused on merit badges. If a scout needs a large number of merit badges, he is advised to remain with his Troop which will focus on merit badges.

This does not mean that you cannot earn merit badges in the Crew – you certainly can. We sign off on merit badges all the time, but we do not in general have special activities that target the completion of merit badges.

One thing we do focus on is Eagle Service projects. The Crew is designed to help any Scout with the start and completion of a service project to complete the Eagle rank requirements. Currently, the Crew has 4 eagle scouts from it’s first year alone.

Can I be in a Troop AND a Crew at same time?

Yes, many scouts are part of a troop and a crew. Being in both is called being a “multiple”. In other words, you are “primary” in one of the units and “multiple” in the other and you only pay dues for the “primary” unit.

Who can join a Venture Crew?

Anyone age 14 or having completed the 8th grade and less than 21 can join a co-ed Venture crew.