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Now you can register to be a member of Venture Crew 140 completely online – simply selct the button below and answers the questions on the following forms.



You will be asked to pay by credit card the annual BSA fees of $33 (increased from $24 in 2017). There is an additional fee for joining the Crew itself that helps pay for necessary gear, training and leadership course. Keep in mind that your application will not be automatically accepted, especially for adults. These will be reviewed by our adult committee (sort of a Board of Directors) so please fill the areas for references, etc. The more info we have the better.

As an adult, you will also need to enter the “position” that you would like to take part in as a Crew member. Basically, there are two positions: 1) Committee Member and 2) Associate Crew Advisor. Although there can be a tremendous amount of overlap between these two titles – and that is all they are, titles – being on the committee / board of directors means you primarily help the Crew run smoothly by handling finances, ethical issues, what the program stands for, etc. As an Associate Crew Advisor, you would typically work more closely with the youth attending and helping out at meetings and campouts. Again, let me reiterate, just because you may be a “committee member” it DOES NOT mean you cannot participate with the youth on events and outings. The same holds true if you are an Associate Crew Advisor, you can ALWAYS participate in committee meetings helping to drive the direction of the program itself!

As a committee member you are part of a team including the Treasurer, Secretary, Medical Officer, Training Coordinator, etc.  and all hosted by the Chairman. As an Associate Crew Advisor, you are typically surrounded by other adult Associate Crew Advisors with the “Crew Advisor” being in the lead.

Lastly, yes this is Boy Scouts of America, but Venturing is about co-ed participation at the youth and adult levels. In fact, we need female Associate Crew Advisors that can go on some of the campouts as BSA requires it. There are a lot of BSA rules to protect the co-ed youth as well as the adults as well!