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Join Venturing Crew 140 if you are looking for something different! We encourage “youth led” activities – what do “you” want to do? We are focused on high school co-ed youth 14 and up, including 13 and have completed the 8th grade.

Since 2013, our mission has been Adventure, Leadership & Service through a youth-led Scout program with adults as Advisors. This is “Scouting”, but not a traditional Scout Troop. First, we welcome young ladies as well as young men, we tailor our efforts to the older high school youth and through Adventure and Service we work on Leadership. Parent involvement is also key as Advisors, of course, they get to enjoy the activities as well. Through monthly and summer activities, service plus training, we participate in real-world examples of leadership. We certainly support service opportunities in Sienna, even in our travels to other states and countries!.

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Crew 140 Adventures

Here are a few of our recent adventures. They range from quick one day local activities to week long adventures in the back country of the Rocky Mountains or the Swiss Alps!

Why Join Crew 140

You are in high school so we know you are busy so we do our best to work around school schedules and sports as much as we can.

Best Venturing Crew in the Area

OK, we are the only Crew in Sienna - but we do a lot of great stuff and focus on Adventure, Service and Leadership for co-ed high school aged youth.

Crew 140 is Co-Ed

Venturing is the only BSA group with co-ed youth membership. We see no reason that the young ladies shouldn't have as much fun as the young men!

Youth Led

Thant's right, the youth run the show and the adults are just there for advisement as needed. Crew 140 has a complete set of youth officers to manage the calendar of activities.

Service Too

We also focus on service for the local community on a regular basis and especially during major events like hurricanes, etc.


Our activities are not just for fun - we plan for everyone to learn something along the way such as how to be a servant leader.

What did you do last weekend?

This is the basic question - if you are looking for more adventure check us out.

Monthly Activities for Adventure & to Serve our Community

Join NOW! The whole family is welcome or show up on your own - just "Show Up" and we will do the rest!
Join now for our "super event" next summer:
NORTHERN TIER - a week of canoeing and camping the boundary waters between the US and Canada. Slots are open for all high school aged youth!

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